Understanding Our Range of Healthcare Services

Understanding Our Range of Healthcare Services
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At American Two-Way, we understand that providing a comprehensive range of healthcare services is essential to ensure that your business can lead the way in terms of the consumer security and monitoring industry.

Our company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients, including telehealth, MPERS, activity monitoring, PERS, wellness check-ins, and medication management.


As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, telehealth has emerged as a vital tool for delivering care remotely. With American Two-Way as your telehealth partner, you can provide remote patient monitoring (RPM) that stays on top of patient vital signs and other key wellness indicators.

Our wearable RPM devices allow for continuous monitoring of a patient’s body temperature, glucose levels, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and respiration rate. This information is then transmitted in real-time to our UL-listed monitoring center, where our trained operators can quickly identify any concerning trends or abnormalities. If necessary, we can alert the patient’s authorized contacts, such as healthcare providers or family members, so that they can take appropriate action.

At American Two-Way, we understand that healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, and we are committed to providing innovative solutions to help our partners stay ahead of the curve. Our telehealth monitoring service allows healthcare providers to deliver more efficient and effective care, while also improving patient outcomes.


We regularly partner with healthcare providers, home health management services, and licensed security dealers who want to deliver the value of PERS and MPERS to their customers. MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems) provide individuals with access to emergency help, even when they are away from home, making them ideal for active individuals who want to maintain their independence.

Activity Monitoring

When family members want their aging loved ones to continue living independently, they need supportive devices that can monitor activity and report concerns quickly. Our activity monitoring services are designed to provide peace of mind to family members and caregivers by tracking daily activities and alerting them to any unusual behavior patterns.


American Two-Way was one of the first companies to design, patent, manufacture and monitor our own PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) equipment. Our PERS solutions provide individuals with a simple, reliable way to call for help in an emergency situation, ensuring that they can receive the support they need when they need it most.

Wellness Check-Ins

If your organization serves an aging population, American Two-Way can help you support their quality of life. Our wellness check-ins provide regular phone calls to individuals to assess their wellbeing and identify any potential health issues early on. By providing early intervention, we can help individuals stay healthy and avoid costly hospitalizations.

Medication Management

If a family wishes to avoid or minimize managed care – and administering medication is the only barrier to this goal – then a medication management system could be the right solution.

Our medication management solutions provide individuals with the support they need to take their medications on time, reducing the risk of medication-related problems and helping them maintain their independence.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

American Two-Way has always been on the forefront of alarm monitoring and systems innovation, and we have no plans to slow down anytime soon. Our decades-long history of invention and contributions to the security system industry prove that we are always looking for new ways to keep you ahead of the curve. When you partner with us, you can be confident that you will always be up-to-date on the latest advancements in security technology.

American Two-Way

In addition to being featured in almost every industry trade magazine for the last 40 years, American Two-Way Interactive Monitoring has won numerous awards for customer service and recognized by major media outlets worldwide. Call us at (800) 821-8200 Today.

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