5 Ways Video Monitoring With American Two-Way Can Benefit Your Customers

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Finding a partner for your video surveillance customers is easy, but finding the best option on the market? A little more difficult, unless you managed to stumble onto this blog. American Two-Way is a leader in the video surveillance industry, as well as other security and monitoring sectors. When you work with us, you are ensuring the best possible experience and service to your customers.

The things that set us apart are expansive, but just to give you a quick idea, we wanted to talk to you about five benefits your customers get when you partner with American Two-Way.

1. Deter More Criminals

Deterrence is the best form of security, and in order to deter the most amount of criminals possible, you have to have both the equipment and the response team that is capable of producing fast results and plenty of deterrent tactics. Luckily, American Two-Way is the leading producer of both — our products excel at deterring crime from happening in both residential and commercial settings.

2. Collect High-Res Evidence

We are all familiar with the grainy, black and white footage that is common among CCTVs and other dated hardware. Our video monitoring equipment provides high definition footage of any event that occurs so that when your customers need to use that footage or report it to the police, they have easy to recognize imagery of the perpetrator. Trust us when we say this makes a huge difference to how confident your customer’s feel about their video surveillance systems.

3. Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance plans commonly offer discounts on insurance fees when a video surveillance system is installed and operational. The efficacy of the system is important, so being able to tell your customers and potential customers that they can save part of the cost of their video surveillance investment on their regular insurance cost is a huge selling point. With American Two-Way, you don’t ever need to worry about bad products—you’ll be working with the best in the industry.

4. Have Faster Responses

Our company has not only defined the standard in security and monitoring systems, we have continually improved it and pushed it forward to new boundaries. Our reputation for developing effective hardware is well-known, and we couple that with highly trained operators who know how to respond to any alert or emergency situation.

5. Active Monitoring

Sometimes, your customers just want to be able to open up an app or check a screen to make sure everything is secure. Our systems allow for that. We always make sure that they are not the only people monitoring the system either; our dedicated video operators are around 24/7 to engage with any alerts, but the difference between us and other options is that they also stick around and actively monitor a situation as it is developing—giving your customers peace of mind when a stressful situation is developing.

American Two-Way

In addition to being featured in almost every industry trade magazine for the last 40 years, American Two-Way Interactive Monitoring has won numerous awards for customer service and recognized by major media outlets worldwide. Call us at (800) 821-8200 Today.

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