Why Elevator Monitoring Is Crucial for Your Customers, and Why You Should Trust Us to Do it

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We all know the cameras are there, and they make us feel comfortable knowing they are. But it’s rarely something we have to think about until something happens that makes us need the recording, or until we are responsible for setting up the system ourselves. If your customers were to walk into an elevator and realize there was no camera installed, they would not feel anywhere near as comfortable.

Elevator monitoring is an expectation, not a luxury. Especially in the eyes of your customers who are more privy than ever to dangerous situations. But it’s not enough to simply have elevator monitoring, you have to have elevator monitoring that actually works and is reliable. That’s where American Two-Way comes in.

Why Elevator Monitoring Is Crucial for Your Customers

As a dealer, it falls on you to let your potential customers know how important your services are. And, like any business, some services are more necessary than others. Elevator monitoring is definitely not on the optional list. Many people take advantage of the enclosed area to commit crimes against other people, and that is even with cameras largely present.

Not to mention, elevators kill about 30 people every year and injure another 17,000. When an event like that happens for one of your customers, you can be confident that they will want the footage of it.

Essentially, crime deterrent, customer safety, and footage of traumatic events are among the three most compelling reasons to have cameras with a monitoring service installed in elevators. It falls on you to make sure they understand how important it is. And it falls on us, American Two-Way, to make sure you have a partner who can deliver top-notch monitoring services that your customers can feel confident in.

Our dealers are overwhelmingly happy when they partner with us for services like elevator monitoring. Why? Well, we can give you a few reasons.

Why You Should Trust Your Elevator Monitoring Needs to American Two-Way

  1. We maintain absolute compliance. Not only is it expected by the general public, it turns out that in many cases it is legally required. We can help you help your customers maintain compliance with state and municipal elevator codes wherever they are in the world.
  2. We offer 24/7 monitoring. We don’t take days off and we don’t call it early. If you need us, we will be around. Even if you didn’t know you needed us. We will likely be the one notifying your customer that we were even needed, with everything that is required to resolve the event as painlessly as possible.
  3. We have location awareness. Our monitoring service knows the location and details of every elevator in our system. So if an event happens that requires a rapid and clear response, our team can communicate all the important information without any guesswork or estimation. Time is precious in these events, and our goal is to avoid wasting any.

American Two-Way

In addition to being featured in almost every industry trade magazine for the last 40 years, American Two-Way Interactive Monitoring has won numerous awards for customer service and recognized by major media outlets worldwide. Call us at (800) 821-8200 Today.

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